HP 301 Black Ink Cartridge

The genuine  HP 301 Black ink cartridge produces an outstanding print performance and great value. The HP 301 printer cartridge is officially designed by Hewlett Packard who are renowned for there quality and innovation. HP’s advanced ink formula, HP 301 ink cartridges produce laser-like text ideal for printing quality office documents to include reports, newsletters and web prints. Also known as the HP CH561EE ink cartridge. HP original inks are a pigment-based ink that gives your prints extra durability and resist’s fading for decades. The HP 301 ink cartridge has a capacity of approximately 190 pages, order your black HP 301 ink today.

Tri-Colour HP 301 Ink Cartridge

The genuine  HP 301 ink tri-colour cartridge is designed to print vivid eye catching graphics bringing your pages to life. Containing original HP ink, this  HP 301 tri-colour printer cartridge is also known as the HP CH562EE ink cartridge and uses specially formulated dye-based ink. The HP301  tri-colour cartridge contains X3 colours cyan, magenta and yellow inks within a single, compact cartridge. Vivid colours and sharp images that resist fading for decades with an estimated capacity of 165 pages, the tri-colour HP No.301 cartridge offers an inexpensive solution for printing in vibrant colours.